Signed and sealed with your very own kiss… Say goodbye to those kissy face emoticons, because Burberry and Google have come up with a charming idea to spread some love across the globe in a more personalized way. The two teamed up to put their own spin on the digital postcard with the launch of a romantic and innovative new project called, “Burberry Kisses,” (Launched June 2013) – a visually immersive experience that utilizes new technology and allows you to send a digital copy of your kiss to anyone around the world.

“Burberry Kisses began with the idea of giving technology a bit of heart and soul, and using it to unite the Burberry family across the world – by telling a story that makes the digital personal,” explains Burberry chief creative officer Christopher Bailey. “We’re constantly thinking about how we translate the emotion of what we create and experience in the real world into the digital space, whether that’s capturing the energy and excitement of a live gig, the hum and buzz of anticipation before a runway show, or just the feeling you get when you pull on your trench coat on a rainy morning.”

To get technical for a second – this project is part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code initiative – which aims to “humanise technology” through emotive digital experiences.

So how does it work?… Kissing someone across the world has never been simpler. All you have to do is go to – kisses.burberry.com or kisses.burberry.com/mobile – and pucker up in front of your smartphone or webcam.


The savvy technology takes the outline of your lips and transforms it into a digital kiss. Then write a short message and send it to anyone, anywhere in the world via Google +, Facebook, Twitter, or Email. The envelope containing your message then flies across a 3D landscape to your receiver’s destination.

One of the neatest parts about the Burberry Kisses campaign is that you have the ability to view all the kisses that have been shared globally on an interactive map IN REAL TIME! (but of course if you want, your kiss can be kept private).

You can even colour your kiss with your favorite Burberry lipstick shade from Burberry’s latest beauty collection. No doubt there is a consumer marketing push behind this campaign, which was launched as a way to introduce Burberry’s latest collection of beauty products, while remaining consistent with their larger “With Love” F/W campaign.

Lets be fair though – Burberry isn’t creating content purely for “our” entertainment. Their digital strategy and past initiatives have highly enhanced the Burberry brand as a Digital leader in the Luxury Fashion industry, and is creating significant value for the brand. Yet again, Burberry has continued to succeed with the interactive Burberry Kisses campaign, delivering yet another unique consumer experience, making its brand favorable in the minds of consumers. Some might hail “Burberry Kisses” as the latest digital gimmick that’s “deficient in use” or “irrelevant” to the brand. However, I prefer to see it as a charming and witty way of humanising technology in order to interact with the consumer and engage them in a more personal way.

end kiss

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