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Today I learned how the world sees me… After taking Sally Hogshead’s “Fascination Advantage Test”, I discovered my natural fascination talents, and I will most certainly be using them.

Let’s be honest, we all care about what people think about us. Whether you let it affect you is a different story, but we do at least think about it, and the truth is that we need to. We need to think about how our communication is received and interpreted by others, and we need to be able to identify what others value so that we can get people to fall in love with our ideas and maybe even us (who knows).

But how??? By being you, of course. (DUH)


I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy how everyone throws around the saying “Be yourself, BE YOU”, but you have to know who you are first and FINDING YOU TAKES TIME! That’s why The Fascination Advantage Test was perfect; it took me one step further to finding out about ME, how to be a better me, and how others are engaged by me. I will most definitely be using this knowledge moving forward.

I often think about the traditional things a company, university, or even another person might want to hear about me… “Hardworking, dedicated, organized, trustworthy, pleasant, team player etc.” and while I am all these things, a bunch of adjectives certainly doesn’t describe who I am and what I can do. We get too caught up in what we think we are supposed to say, instead of presenting ourselves in a way that best highlights who we are. I’m certainly not suggesting blabbering away. It is important to speak about what people want to hear and talk about, but when we don’t listen to what others value (and let me tell you, everyone values being entertained & fascinated) and present ourselves in the most fascinating ways, then we run the risk of damaging our own brand.

7 ways

Like Sally Hogshead explains in her TED Talk “Hi” is a common online initiator. This is just what I’m talking about… “Hardworking, dedicated, etc.” is just blah. Its safe, but it offers no connection. Describing yourself that way doesn’t captivate anyone, it doesn’t help us to stand out. Admittedly so, I was certainly guilty of doing this, but now I see the light… As Sally says, “We are not operating in a monopoly, we are not a category of one.” It doesn’t matter how great you are unless you know how to show it. Without knowing how others are most engaged by you, how will you be able to better present yourself in those ways? You simply cant.

The results of my archetype were spot on, and starting now I’m using my natural fascination talents to make people fall in love with my ideas. I suggest you take the test and join the journey.

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